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CLBH now has a new 3rd party billing company, Coronis Health

We apologize for any billing issues you may be experiencing. Let’s work on solving them together.
Clinical Lab of the Black Hills is an anatomic pathology laboratory that performs work upon specimens collected at other hospitals and/or clinics. We perform the technical and professional work within our laboratory to prepare patient specimens for pathologist diagnosis in order to ensure timely patient care. If you have any specific questions related to billing inquiries received, please contact our 3rd party billing company: Coronis . All individual billing claims can be addressed via contacting Coronis directly; they will be able to better assist you with any issues you may be experiencing. 

  • Patient Services phone# 605-340-8583, Hours of Operations 9am – 7pm CT / 8am – 6pm MT Mon - Fri

NOTE: For any service dates after January 1, 2023, Clinical Lab of the Black Hills office staff does not have individual billing information on hand. All direct calls made to our office will be redirected to the number listed above. 

For any service dates prior to 12/31/2022 please call Clinical Lab of the Black Hills at 605-343-2267 or CLICK HERE to pay bill online.

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Billing Inquiries: Text
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